“… gripping, thrilling, touching, ..perfect…The only reason this book got put down were things I couldn’t postpone any longer- supper was already late, the errands were put to the last minute… I couldn’t stop reading. You won’t either. Read this book. B.R.A.G.H OURAY’S PEAK 5 out of 5 stars.
“[O]ne of the best novels I have read…Leigh Podgorski paints a scenic picture of the Colorado mountain country and the Indian reservation in this beautiful, memorable, coming of age story… unique storytelling…[I] look forward to more from this author. Thank you Ms. Podgorski, I didn’t want the story to end! Jacqueline Bryant reviewed Ouray’s Peak 5 out of 5 stars…

Chief Jack knew: whenever the red man wars against the white, it is always the red man who loses.
But which was she?
Jamie said his mother’s blood flowed in his veins.
Just so, her father’s blood flowed in hers.
And so it had been husband against wife.
Father against daughter.
Brother against sister.
Whenever the red man wars against the white, it is always the red man who loses.
And what if the red man is you?
And what if the white man is you?
And what if the red man and what if the white man both together, mixed together, flowed freely together in the same veins and those veins were you?

Ouray’s Peak is the journey of Kristin Tabor that takes her cross country and deep within the Rocky Mountains in search of her mother, leading her to the discovery of her Ute heritage, and eventually opening her heart to love, reunification, and hope.

The novel is being offered as a GoodReads Autographed Giveaway Promo through September 29th


In another life, in another world, at another time, I took a detour from my beloved, from my drug of choice; I suppose one could say, for a brief moment in time— I lost my mind. In my early twenties I thought perhaps what I really really wanted to be was– gasp– an actress. I spent two whirlwind years at bucolic New England College in Henniker, NH– a lovely counterpoint to the hustle of Boston where I had done undergraduate work at Boston University. NEC offered something no other college or university– at least I checked out could rival– a semester abroad touring the British Isles with three separate evenings of theatre! Talk about baptism under fire!

One of our most erudite professors who made his home at our sister college in Arundel, Sussex, England was Clapham Murray– though we all knew him as Cope. Recently, because of this wonderful invention the Internet, I have reconnected with Cope and his son Peter who was but a mere lad while we were in Arundel rehearsing madly for thirty days before we set out, returning gratefully to the gracious campus for badly needed respites in between our tours all over green and glorious Great Britain. No one who was lucky enough to get to do the Arundel Tour ever forgot it, and I was indeed one of the lucky ones.

Cope directed one of our one-act plays, The White Whore and the Bit Player, and I suffered great bouts of jealousy that I was not cast to play either part. He is also an actor, appearing in several films, and a long time member of The Barnstormers Theatre in Tamworth, New Hampshire. Cope is also a writer, and has a new book hot off the presses, which it is my honor to feature on my blog:

Tales from O’Reilly’s Porch takes us back to a time when the world was all gin and cookies.

But who thought the girl of your dreams would write you off, by telling you that you are still a boy. So, you and your friend, Tabor Anthony, wanted to reenact Manet’s The Luncheon. So, one of the girls was buck-naked. After all, it was a party weekend. And then she said, “maybe the army can make a man of you; one can only hope.”

Little did she know. Who thought you were going to run into Jon Luther Halbrand, a gung ho West Point graduate, or that you would get involved with a theatre group called The Off-base Players, and that the leading lady would try to seduce you, a married woman no less. A boy, huh?

And then there was Gabby, Gabriella Kelly.

You can pick up your copy from Kindle and amazonbooks.com


This review is from: A Tale From O’Reilly’s Porch (Paperback) by Lyman Gilmore

A delightful page-turner from beginning to end! It is one young man’s engaging trip from college graduation where they mispronounced his name through an hilarious stint in the army and a satiric Texas country club society dance to his love for and commitment to theatre.

Happy traveling, my friends!


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