OURAY’S PEAK: “I didn’t want the story to end!”

My Coming of Age Novel OURAY’S PEAK recently received a lovely review on Amazon from Jacqueline Bryant.

Many on GoodReads might know me as the author of the mystical/occult mystery series STONE QUEST that contains the two books DESERT CHIMERA and GALLOWS ASCENDING.

Currently I am deeply immersed in completing book Three of the series: NEURI SHAPE-SHIFTER.

The STONE QUEST series features psychic tracker Luke Stone and his nemesis the black magician Armand Jacobi in a classic struggle, both physical and psychological, of good versus evil.

Armand was largely absent from GALLOWS ASCENDING as Luke leaves the desert and wanders to New England, his first wife having died in Death Valley. In New England he is drawn into a mystery that reaches back over 250 years and involves witchcraft and the brutal hanging of a beautiful young woman. Luke must solve the mystery in order to save his new beloved, Beth Rutledge.

In NEURI SHAPE-SHIFTER, Luke’s nemesis Armand returns.

OURAY’S PEAK, follows the journey of Kristin Tabor as she crosses the country and treks deep inside the Rocky Mountains in search of the mother who left when she was still a child.

I have re-printed the review below.

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Jacqueline Bryant –

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This review is from: Ouray’s Peak (Kindle Edition)

This is one of the best novels I have read of late. Kristin, a teenaged girl of partly native American descent (Ute), leaves the home of her brother and alcoholic father to search for her beloved mother, Christine, who has left the family to answer her true calling as a healer to the Ute people. This story so clearly portrays the adolescent longing for an estranged mother, the loneliness of separation from family, and the desperation of a search that at times feels near to hopeless. But Kristin has a strong spirit and unquenchable determination to find her mother and her true heritage as a native American. The hardships and obstacles she encounters every day of the journey hardens and also matures Kristin as she stands at the threshold of adulthood, but what will she do when she meets the love of her life and must learn to trust and surrender her heart again? Leigh Podgorski paints a scenic picture of the Colorado mountain country and the Indian reservation in this beautiful, memorable, coming of age story, which I consider excellent for young and older readers alike. I applaud her unique storytelling talent and look forward to more from this author. Thank you Ms. Podgorski, I didn’t want the story to end!


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